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Who we are...

  • The Family council helps family members of those struggling with mental lhealth and/or addiction issues.

How we help...

  • We advocate on behalf of families within CAMH and the community. Families' involvement contribute substantially to treatment and recovery.
  • Our volunteers provide families with peer-to-peer support, personally or over the phone.
  • We spread the word that mental illness and addiction stigma must be counteracted.

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Staying Above The Law

Tax preparation for doctors is an important way to stay above the law. The reason for this is it helps doctors make sure they understand the tax law and are paying taxes accordingly. Many doctors neglect certain ways in which to save and that is where it is important to hire a professional. If the doctor does his own taxes and his not well versed in the law certain things can be missed. Most doctors have enough other things to worry about which can make it difficult for him to do his own taxes.

These things are much more important such as seeing to it that he receives updated doctor training. Another important thing to take into consideration is just how many hours doctors work. They often put in close to eighty hours a week which can make it impossible for them to have time to do their own taxes. So it is best for them to leave tax preparation for doctors Calgary up to the specialists. These tax professionals concentrate only on tax preparation and will get the doctors the credits that they deserve. They will be able to go over what the doctors can write off and what needs to be counted.

It is important to have a specialist look at the taxes in order to make sure that a doctor does not miss anything important. They have so much on their plates already and it is important to keep them on the straight and narrow. If they do their own taxes and they mess them up by any extent it can land them in jail. It is certainly not worth that risk to take. Henceforth why most doctors hire a professional to make sure that they have everything documented correctly. This is often another time-consuming part of doing taxes, documentation.

Doctors who work in large practices have an even bigger reason to hire someone to do their tax preparation. There are more routes in which taxes can get screwed up if they do not do it correctly. Multiple doctors and offices just make it much more complicated. Doctors may spend a decent fee hiring a tax preparation specialist, but it is a lot more reasonable than the consequences they will pay if they do their taxes incorrect. It is always best for doctors to hire someone and do their taxes correct the first time around instead of having issues from the get go.

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